5 Chocolate Treats that Help the World

Robin H. Milton
2 min readAug 24, 2021

Do you love chocolate? Do you love making a difference? Here, we’re sharing 5 delectable chocolate bars that are made using ethical standards and ingredients. Not only are these bars made ethically, but when you buy one, you directly contribute to the folks that work so hard to help you satisfy your sweet tooth. Keep reading for five bars that are as good for the world as they taste!

1. Theo 70% Organic Dark Chocolate Coconut Bar

In addition to using premium ingredients, Theo’s treats their employees respectfully. There is a delicious dark chocolate bar with coconut flakes for those who like something with a bit of a bitter kick. Each bar weighs three ounces, so it’s perfect for sharing. It’s also perfectly fine to eat it by yourself, which is a standard move for something so tasty.

2. Chocolate and Love’s Panama Dark Chocolate Bar

You can also try Chocolate and Love’s Panama Dark Chocolate Bar if you’re looking for something dark, luxurious, and a little bit spicy. The flavors are rich, refined, and diverse with each bite. This chocolate has nutty undertones beneath a bittersweet taste that manages to remain pleasant. You’ll have five times the fun with each bundle because there are five bars!

3. Ombar’s Acai and Blueberry Chocolate Bar

Ombar makes a delicious Acai and Blueberry bar for those with more adventurous tastes in chocolate. These 35-gram bars come in a pack of two and are incredibly delicious. The addition of blueberries and acai elevates an already amazing experience to an entirely new level.

4. Guittard’s Milk Chocolate A’Peels

Milk chocolate lovers, we haven’t forgotten you! If you are a fan of sweet things, there are also some treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Guittard’s Milk Chocolate A’Peels come in a 1-pound bag of convenient, easily meltable wafers. Although they’re great for baking, it’s not illegal to just eat a few (or many) right out of the bag.

5. Vivani’s Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar

The last chocolate bar comes from Germany, and it’s sweet and fun. With a weight of 100 grams, this Vivani Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar is a generous size. Each bite of this dessert mixes smooth, creamy chocolate with crunchy whole hazelnuts.

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