Are RV Park Internet Solutions Worth it?

Robin H. Milton
3 min readMay 1, 2024
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Hell yeah! Do you even know how many people in the United States are digital nomads and travel from city to city while staying at RV Parks? Take a guess. 17.3 million. Yes — that’s a huge number.

So, why in the hell wouldn’t you require RV park internet solutions? Why? It’s a necessity. It’s the need of the hour. If you are the owner of an RV Park, it’s obvious that people from all over the country will visit you. And you know what most people look for when staying in an RV Park? Facilities. Whether it’s a safe place or not. Whether it’s well-maintained or not. Whether there are food stores or essential facilities nearby. Whether there’s internet in the RV Park.

And don’t get started on the BS that the internet is not that important or the internet is not needed every time. It is needed. It’s needed when you are working on a project. It’s needed when you have to virtually take a meeting with your clients. It’s needed when you have to catch up with your friends. It’s needed when you have to transfer online payments or do some other emergency tasks. It’s needed when your offline GPS is not working and you have to look out for a location.

Therefore, if you are an RV Park owner, you’ve got to get internet solutions. Back in the day, RV Parks were better off without any kind of internet connection. But times have changed today. Times are different now. People today are getting more inclined towards digital nomadism. Or dare we say — tech nomadism. And that’s when having a lightning-fast internet connection comes into play.

Wi-Fi in an RV Park works just like the way it works at any other place. You can connect any device to the RV Park Wi-Fi — your phone, tablet, or laptop. Stream movies, browse the internet, take calls, and whatnot.

The only thing that makes an RV Park internet solution different from a traditional one is the origin of the signal that coming. Where it comes from is what’s different as compared to domestic Wi-Fi.

Further, there are types to it. There are various types of RV Park Wi-Fi solutions, mainly:

1. The Wireless Solution

It’s the most common one. Most of the RV Parks opt for this one. A wireless solution allows the guests to connect their devices to the internet via a wireless router or a hotspot device.

2. The Fiber Optic Solution

The most reliable one and also the fastest internet solution if you want some for your RV Park. Fiber optic cables are used in this kind of solution, which is capable of transmitting data at high speeds. The solution is a little costly but they are being opted more widely across the United States.

3. The Satellite Solution

If your RV Park is in a remote location, a satellite solution is something that might be the best option for you. In remote or isolated locations, other types of internet solutions such as wireless or fiber optics do not work well. That’s why satellite internet services are worth opting for. But again, they are a little expensive. Also, other things such as weather conditions play a role.

Why opt for RV Park Internet Solutions?

For a lot of reasons such as:

1. Improved Guest Experience

With internet services at their disposal, guests in your RV Parks can attend virtual meetings, work remotely, and catch up online. What this means for you is that your guests will stay longer at your RV Park and you will earn more revenue.

2. More Entertainment Options

Your guests will be able to stream TV shows, and movies, play online games and use social media. The kids with them will be open for a longer stay. It would be like a feel-at-home thing for them.

So, there’s no doubt when it comes to the worth of having RV Park internet solutions. It is worth it. And having one at your RV Park is like a no-brainer.



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