Dr. Eric Berg-YouTube Censorship Saga — Explained

Robin H. Milton
2 min readMay 1, 2024

So, recently, YouTube changed its medical content policy or dare I say medical misinformation policy. And boy oh boy — the way things went crazy, the way this change spread like wildfire, especially in the medical community — it was mind-blowing.

Chaos was inevitable. It was all due to the reason that under YouTube’s new content policy, the content that does not contradict the World Health Organization’s view and local health authorities’ view will not be shown by YouTube’s algorithms. It won’t be removed but the algorithm will hide it.

And that’s when the whole Dr. Eric Berg-YouTube censorship episode started. In response to YouTube banning medical health content that didn’t align with the general medical consensus, Dr. Eric Berg came out with a reaction video of his own — Dr. Berg Gets Censored (Silenced).

In the video, Dr. Berg says that due to the revisions in medical content policy, a big change is coming. The videos that have a huge amount of engagement rate, get more views, and have a lot of likes, will ultimately get buried by YouTube. A lot of health content creators, medical professionals, and certified doctors are going to be affected due to this.

According to Dr. Berg, YouTube came up with this change in their policy because they want to protect their user base against any kind of misinformation. However, for YouTube misinformation is anything that is against the view of the World Health Organization (WHO).

That’s rigged, right?

I mean, what if the perspective of the WHO is flawed or influenced? This question has lingered for quite some time. It seems unreasonable to solely rely on the World Health Organization and dismiss certified doctors like Dr. Eric Berg.

We’ve witnessed during the COVID-19 era the mishandling by the WHO, which has led many to question and lose trust in the organization. It’s not our assertion, but that of many users who hold the WHO accountable for various issues. Trust has been eroded.

Now, here’s the intriguing part. Despite YouTube’s efforts to suppress certain voices, the backing for Dr. Berg has been overwhelming. People are emerging from all corners, sharing how his guidance has positively transformed their lives. Take, for instance, a Reddit user who attributes overcoming food obsession and obesity to his Keto diet plan. Such testimonials fuel his determination, knowing he’s genuinely impacting lives.

Even esteemed figures like Dr. Eric Westman are voicing support for my stance. And when detractors attempt to tarnish my reputation on YouTube, they quickly realize the strength of his supporters.

Yet, beyond the theatrics, this situation prompts profound reflection. Who should dictate the information available to us? Can we truly rely on purportedly authoritative sources? These questions warrant exploration because, ultimately, we all deserve informed choices regarding our health.

However, what truly matters to Dr. Berg is the tangible difference he has made in his audience’s health and well-being. Judging by the overwhelming support, he is evidently on the right track.



Robin H. Milton

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