Gifts That Don’t Clutter

Robin H. Milton
2 min readAug 31, 2021

How do you pick something that they will like and doesn’t just end up contributing to the never-ending house clutter that they only keep around because they feel guilty giving it away? Trust me, we’ve all been on both ends of that equation. The easiest way to go about this is to gift consumables. Consumables are meant to be enjoyed, not kept around collecting dust on a shelf.

To help out we have accumulated a few of the best consumable gift ideas to give (and also request) to prevent excess clutter in your and your loved one’s homes.

Loose-Leaf Tea

Loose-leaf tea is a wonderful gift to give any tea lovers you know. There are few things more comforting than a cup of a nice warm beverage in your hands, especially on a nice fall or winter evening. Not only does loose leaf tea often come in adorable little boxes or tins that make beautiful gifts, but because it is higher quality than bagged tea, it is often more expensive which can result in people not purchasing it for themselves.

So what are you waiting for? Try out a loose-leaf fruit, green, black, white, mint, or even Holiday loose-leaf tea sampler the next time you’re gifting something to a known tea lover. Tea samplers make amazing gifts because they contain just small amounts of different teas and they are amazing for helping a friend or family member find a new favorite tea!


Who says it needs to be Valentine’s Day to gift someone chocolates? Our love for these creamy and delicious sweets is not limited to the month of February. Beautiful boxes of chocolates like this 24 piece Chocolate Box or this delicious gourmet 9 piece chocolate gift box make a good gift for any occasion, regardless of the month.

Chocolate gift boxes are an especially good gift because they are often associated with special occasions and therefore we rarely purchase them for ourselves. Next time you’re picking a gift for a chocolate lover, a box of chocolates is a perfect way to make sure you’re giving something that person will love, without contributing to clutter in their homes.


Toffee is another one of those sweet treats that many of us associate with special occasions because it is rather expensive and comes in small boxes. This association makes it a perfect gift since many of us who love this sweet treat rarely actually eat it. So next time you’re in the market looking for a gift for someone you know with a sweet tooth, think about getting some delicious English toffee or maybe some delicious crunchy almond toffee!

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