I Tried Nomad Internet for 30 Days — My Honest Review

Robin H. Milton
2 min readApr 24, 2024

So, I heard a lot about Nomad Internet. Mostly about how it has one of the best internet coverage in the United States. How it provides internet services in the most remote locations of the country. How it is reaching more rural areas than the urban areas. How it is providing high-speed internet connection in the isolated parts of the countries.

That impressed me a lot. Because I am a person who is part of a rural community. We live in one of the isolated areas of the US. The mobile network in our area struggles so badly that we can only imagine using the internet.

But we want to. Who doesn’t? The Internet has become a necessity. My children want it for learning and studying. My wife wants it to catch up on new recipes and fashion trends. I want it for my work purpose and online side hustles.

Even though we live in a rural area, the demand for internet here is more than ever. That’s when people tried various kinds of connections from various internet service providers. However, not everyone provides the best of services. Not everyone’s coverage is best. Not everyone gives you great internet speed. Not everyone allows connecting multiple devices with their Wi-Fi modems. Not everyone has a great customer support team.

But Nomad Internet does. I recently purchased Nomad Internet’s Wi-Fi modem which is meant to provide lightning-fast internet in rural areas. The internet plan they provide allows a speed of up to 200 mb/s and that too in any area or location of the country.

The biggest reason I went for Nomad Internet was the claim that they provide great connectivity no matter where you are located in the United States. And guess what? The promise turned out to be true. Believe it or not, the area in which I live is one of the most remote rural areas in the country.

No other internet service provider has ever been able to provide a continuous internet connection in our rural village. However, Nomad Internet is the first country that successfully did it. And I am really impressed by it.

The internet speed is fast. The Wi-Fi modem provided was easy to install as it comes with a self-installation feature. The Wi-Fi modem allows connecting to up to 128 devices. Their customer support is so good and helpful so that whenever you get stuck somewhere they will help out as soon as you reach them.

Today, it has been 30 days since I started using Nomad Internet. The experience has been nothing short of great, amazing, and joyous, and I’m running out of words now.



Robin H. Milton

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