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Robin H. Milton
4 min readMay 23, 2024

Jessica Garza is a digital nomad, traveler, and the dynamic COO behind Nomad Internet. Her remarkable journey is definitely worth discussing. That’s why I had a conversation with her to explore her views on tech nomadism, her experiences during her corporate tenure, and her current endeavors. Let’s dig through the highlights of my interview with Jessica.

I asked Jessica, given the rising trend, what’s your opinion on tech nomadism?

Jessica responded, “Tech nomad, digital nomad, work from anywhere — it’s all about the control you have. It’s about managing multiple tasks at once. Its popularity is undeniable, but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. What you perceive from the outside often doesn’t reflect the reality inside. The same applies to the tech nomad lifestyle.”

“When I first embraced the digital nomad lifestyle, prompted by my desire to escape the relentless corporate grind for something fresh and different, I believed it would be easy, enjoyable, and stress-free. But in reality, being a digital nomad isn’t always comfortable. It comes with its own set of challenges, intricacies, and nuances. Not everyone can succeed in becoming a tech nomad who roams the world. The romanticized image of working from exotic locations often overshadows the realities of unstable internet connections, varying time zones, and the lack of a permanent home base.”

“For effective tech nomadism, you need to be organized. You must establish systems, workflows, or rather a complete digital nomad lifestyle, as I did. Because you’ll be traveling to numerous places, meeting new people, experiencing different climates, and managing your work amidst all this. That’s when work-life balance becomes crucial. I had to develop a meticulous routine to ensure I remained productive while also enjoying the freedom and experiences that come with this lifestyle.”

“In my view, it’s fine for people to dream of working from a beach in Bali or a mountaintop in the Grand Canyon, but to achieve this with everything in order, you need to be prepared to organize and maintain control. This means investing in reliable tech gear, finding trustworthy Wi-Fi spots, and sometimes even turning down fascinating adventures to meet deadlines. It’s a lifestyle that demands adaptability, discipline, and a strong sense of self-motivation. Only then can one truly thrive as a tech nomad, blending work with the wonders of the world.”

I then asked Jessica about her corporate experiences and her life now.

“Honestly, corporate life was great. I won’t speak ill of my corporate days just because I’m a digital nomad now. The decision to become a digital nomad was driven by a need for a break and self-reflection, not because of dissatisfaction with my corporate career.”

“I was the COO of Nomad Internet, an internet service provider my husband and I founded. As the driving force behind the scenes, I was always in the grind. There was a purpose to the grind. We had a vision and a mission: to disrupt the internet services industry. The goal was to bring internet services to underserved areas — rural regions, remote locations, isolated places, digital nomads, van dwellers, and RV park owners. And we achieved this mission gloriously. We saw firsthand the transformative power of providing reliable internet access to these communities. It wasn’t just about connectivity; it was about empowering people to access education, work opportunities, and social connections that were previously out of reach.”

“In those days, my schedule was packed with meetings, strategic planning sessions, and endless problem-solving. But I thrived on the challenge. There was a certain thrill in turning our ambitious goals into reality and watching our company grow from a startup into a key player in the industry. Every milestone we hit, every new community we connected, reinforced our belief in the importance of our work.”

“And now? I’m a thriving digital nomad, traveling across the United States. However, I still work on various innovative projects and remain involved with Nomad Internet to some extent. In short, I love what I do. The break I sought was well-deserved, and life is more fulfilling than ever. Becoming a digital nomad has given me the freedom to explore new places, meet fascinating people, and experience life in a way I never could while tethered to an office.”

“This lifestyle allows me to combine my passion for technology and innovation with a love for adventure and discovery. I get to work on exciting new projects that push the boundaries of what’s possible, all while enjoying the stunning landscapes of the United States. Each new location brings its own unique challenges and opportunities, keeping my work dynamic and engaging.”

“Moreover, this journey has been an incredible opportunity for personal growth. The time for self-reflection has been invaluable, helping me to gain a deeper understanding of myself and my aspirations. It’s a continuous learning experience, one that I cherish deeply.”

“In the end, my transition from a corporate role to a digital nomad isn’t about rejecting one way of life for another. It’s about finding balance and pursuing a life that aligns with my evolving goals and desires. The skills and experiences from my corporate days remain integral to my current ventures, proving that every phase of life contributes to the next.”

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