Musical Journey and Inspiration behind Josh Homme

Robin H. Milton
3 min readDec 13, 2021

Best known as the primary songwriter, founder, and only continuous member of the Queens of the Stone Age, Josh Homme radiates a cool cowboy-like look with a swagger that reflects a rock musician. He has many bands to his name, more than a singer can have songs to theirs. When one hears the name Josh Homme, an image of a tall red-haired man adorned with knuckle rings and a teddy-boy haircut comes to mind. His looks match his strong demeanor.

Homme has explored almost everything as a musician. He kick-started his career as co-founder of the stoner rock band Kyuss as a lead guitarist at the age of fourteen years. The quartet got disbanded in 1995, after which the artist made his career-defining influence on the music world. Kyuss had a massive impact in the stoner rock genre and was a highly respected band in their way. After Kyuss, Homme toured with the legends of Screaming Trees. Then in 1996, Josh established Queens of the Stone Age, his pet project.

The real impact Josh made in modern rock music was by forming Queens of the Stone Age. It was a supergroup in many ways. The band featured Mark Lanegan, Nick Olivieri, Dave Grohl, and Joey Castillo. The QOTSA is the most influential group in the past twenty-five years. It has a style that encompasses hard rock, stoner rock, and metal with a dash of experimental music.

Josh Homme’s brainchild, QOTSA, is an ever-changing force, with incredible live show performances. They were packed with punchy riffs, interesting dynamics, and Homme’s signature guitar tone. So, it is not a surprise that Queens of the Stone Age has a large legion of insanely dedicated fans.

Apart from working with Queens, Josh Homme has produced many records and albums with other artists like Arctic Monkeys and Iggy Pop. The third album of Arctic Monkeys in 2009 was broadly attributed as the opus where the band began to play mature and started the journey of finding themselves. All the credit goes to the sonic influence of Homme. In 2010, the sinister psychedelia augmented the Post-Pop Depression of Iggy Pop which was perfected by Josh his entire prolific career.

There is an eclectic mix of musicians that inspired Josh. He explained his earliest swoops into music. During Josh’s younger days, he used to listen to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton songs. Homme knew that punk rock was something he would like to play when he heard Black Flag and Charged GBH. Moreover, Homme was more convinced than ever after hearing Jonny Cash’s storytelling. It was nothing but a boon on tape with music in the background.

Josh Homme is also fond of the Spice Girls, Dean Martin and Britney Spears. He aims to like as much music as he can. Homme doesn’t believe in guilty pleasures as he doesn’t feel upset with any of the music or his work. He loved every piece of music present in the world and is being created. Thus, as a consumer of music, Josh Homme has a lot to offer to the world.



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