Should I Use Nomad Internet?

Robin H. Milton
2 min readMay 8, 2024

Alright, alright, alright — so I had to come up with this. I am a digital nomad. I was recently experiencing issues with my internet connection. Because I travel frequently and visit many lonely and remote communities throughout the United States, things became so bad sometimes that I couldn’t connect to the internet for about a week.

Guess what? I’ve lost one of my clients. And that’s when I resolved to find a permanent solution to this problem. I looked up information on the internet, consulted with friends, and used online forums. One of my friends recommended Nomad Internet.

At first, I was suspicious since when I searched for this internet provider company on Google, I only found one unfavorable review, but after some thorough study, I discovered other excellent evaluations, and in large numbers.

After all of the reading and researching, I said, “The heck, let’s do it once. Let us see what occurs.” So, I got their Wi-Fi modem online through their website.

What shocked me was that they offer customized Wi-Fi modems for digital nomads called Nomad Air Modems. I paid $249.95 for the modem and also subscribed to the 200 mb/s Wi-Fi internet, which costs $149.95 a month.

The service was fairly quick, and I received my Wi-Fi modem the next day. It was simple to install because the provider provides a self-installation option.

But the magic I was hoping for has yet to happen. As soon as I connected to the Wi-Fi modem, things went like bullets. The internet speed was just as stated. The technology for Wi-Fi 6 was also included.

Its capacity to connect with up to 128 devices remained intact.

But guess what? — I purposefully went to test it in the remote location where I had previously struggled to connect to the internet for seven days straight. The results were jaw-dropping.

Not only was I connected to the internet via the modem, but the internet was moving like a bullet train.

I could not have asked for more.

So, if someone had asked me for a review of Nomad Internet’s Wi-Fi modems, I would have simply said, “Go for it.”

And, for those who have been criticizing their customer service on the internet (I noticed someone. I’m not sure if it’s phony or not. Can’t trust online reviews anymore), so I also contacted their customer service in case anything went wrong in the future. I received prompt responses and assistance from them.

So, in my perspective, everything is excellent with Nomad Internet.



Robin H. Milton

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